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This is Farhan AKA True Colour$ a Bboy and lover of hiphop culture.
A big influence in the Singapore hiphop scene and also creating a impact with his fashion.
We caught up with him and asked him a few questions.

-Where are you from?

The island of Singapore

-What crew do you rep?

RaDiKaL FoRZe/7$

-How long have you been bboying?

20 years

-What got you into bboying? and who were some of your inspirations?

i got to into bboying ever since i found out about hiphop culture & the 4 elements.Hanging out with djs,bboys,writers,emcees.
Our spot used to be Far East Plaza.

Other then the people i hang out & get down with,i get inspiration from everywhere else,whatever that relates to hiphop culture,like from movies,music,tv shows,vhs tapes,of course any footage of breaking would’ve been an inspiration at that time.

-How would you desribe your style?

I would say my style is more traditional&free.

-Who are some of the b-boys that influenced your style?

there’s so many bboys that has shaped me throughout the years&influences come from all over the world,but my style just doesn’t come from the dance itself but also the culture as a whole.The bboys i was hanging out with back then also played and important role in shaping who i am today.

-What do you think about the scene today and how different was it from when you were coming up to now?

The scene has grown so much throughout the years here in Singapore,it is definately more competitive with more events&competitions going around now which we didnt have back in my day.&that’s probably the biggest difference i see between then&now.Back then we didn’t practice to win competitions,we practiced hard for the love of the dance&to just to work on our craft.

-Name your top 5 b-boys in no order:

1)Ken Swift

-What has been your most memorable moment in bboying?

probably one of the most memorable moments i’ve had in bboying was my initiation battle to get into 7$ back in 2006.

-What do you like to do outside of bboying?

i like cooking,travelling, design&print tees,thriftshopping,i have my own clothing brand,i draw sometimes,play futsal,party&i also sell 2nd hand clothing online.

-For the kids out there, what are some tips on maintaining the freshness:


-Favourite music groups or artists thats on rotation right now?

been listening to more radio shows like Soulection Radio&Wefunkradio,The Tiny Desk concert series out on YouTube,&still bumping to funk&breaks and 90’s hiphop.

-You like to cook.. what are some of favourite dishes or your specialty?

garlic butter prawns,spagetti bolognaise, chicken in coconut gravy,beef kailan,just to name a few.

-Any last shout-outs?

shoutouts to my crews,the world&Fourwalls for this interview✌️


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